growing our tree streets


We are a group of community focused people transforming the Tree Streets Neighborhood of Lewiston, Maine.


We work to partner with any stake holder of the Tree Streets Neighborhood, including non-profits, city agencies, businesses, landlords and especially residents. Below is a list of some of our recent partners organizations.


What is a “healthy neighborhood?”

The definition of what a successful neighborhood looks like will be informed by neighbors, and expected to emerge and evolve over time. The components of a healthy neighborhood will be defined by the priorities of issues impacting health, and will be culturally sensitive and linguistically accessible to those in the neighborhood.

Key components of a healthy neighborhood:

  • Affordable, safe and lead-free housing

  • Access to medical care, healthy food and nutrition education, and safe places to exercise and play

  • Available employment and training

  • Places and ways to nurture social connections and access social supports